Texts From One Direction

None of the source photos are mine.

The boys did not send these texts.




FRIENDS i am so bored that i am going to have a breakdown and jump out the window just to feel something

can someone PLEASE talk to me on omegle i am in the one direction interests thing

laceandastrandofpearls whispered, "i think i may have just found the best blog on the planet. thank you and keep doing what you're doing. it's brilliant."

aaaaahhh!! thank you!!! :)

Anonymous whispered, "Do you have the pic from 517? Like the original? Thanks babe xx"

not sure which one that is…sorry!

lxrryleeds whispered, "this blog is the air i breathe. thank you for that. xx"

thank you!!!

tomlindope whispered, "i first saw your pictures on twitter and now i found your blog and omg it's my favorite thing on earth, thanks for existing♥️"

thank yOU for existing!


Le Mixxxtape: Invagine the Pussibilities


Le Mixxxtape: Invagine the Pussibilities

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