Texts From One Direction

None of the source photos are mine.

The boys did not send these texts.


kalihigirl whispered, "Omg you are my favorite person in the world!! Thank you so much!"

ahhhh no thank YOU!

Anonymous whispered, "I think you're the first blog of this kind. Just took a look at your archive and your posts go back to 2011. So the other anon might be wrong. Anyway, I love your blog! Great job! X"

thanks dear <3 u da 1

thedirtbagteen whispered, "I am literally laughing so hard from these. you are the queen, a plus my friend. I love your blog."

THANK YOU!! i like your url it is clever wordplay

violetlotuss whispered, "this is the best blog i've stumbled upon in awhile omg don't stop thx :*"

thanks boo can’t stop won’t stop i have no social life and no priorities :)

Anonymous whispered, "*Screams from the high hills* YEAH YOU THE BOMB. YOU WANNA *Looks dramatically to the camera* *Takes off glasses* *Whispers* Frickle frackle"




i’ve gotten ten messages today…#famous

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curlyinlove whispered, "But seriously the sexual Larry ones actually make me laugh so hard my mom is concerned with my well being, but anyways your blog is perf and you should make more Larry ones kthanksbai"

wheee thank you!! i try my best!

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shoeswithbows whispered, "not sure if this website made me follow you bc of a bug or if I followed you on purpose ages ago and then you weren't active for a long time. Was it the second? Either way I love your stuff, [!!!! :) :) :)] just feeling confused"

haha yeah i tend to post in bursts like months apart…thank you!!

Anonymous whispered, "Wow , holla at you for taking my exact same premise of a tumblr and re-doing it, your awesome 👌"

i’m sorry, i didn’t consciously try to copy anyone…kind of thought this was the first one of its kind?? you can message me off anon if you want!